I want to have a baby, BUT I’ve got things to do!

So you want to have a baby soon, but not too, too soon? This is a common thought, concern, or debatable subject that many women have had or will have at some point in their lives. Especially if the woman is pursuing a goal, waiting for their God-given spouse, or is just not ready to become a mom. Breathe a sigh of relief and realize that it’s perfectly fine to place motherhood at the bottom of your to-do list. In fact, women have been postponing becoming mothers with the support of their spouse for many years now. It’s no longer taboo to get married and wait to have children. If this is your desire, great for you, but remember there are a few things that you should know and begin to do in waiting for the right time to become a mom.


  1. Make an appointment with your Gynecologist  It’s very important to keep your annual visits with your GYN. Together with your GYN, you can discuss family planning including the option of contraceptives. The exams that will coincide with your appointment will play a vital role in your ability to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery in the future.

  2. Begin a fitness regimen now. I get it, working out isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but frequent exercise is beneficial for preparing for labor and delivery. You don’t have to become a fitness expert, but getting some form of exercise, including just walking for 30 minutes a day, will be beneficial in maintaining your body’s optimum health in that future pregnancy you’re preparing for.

  3. Eat for two now. I don’t mean that literally. Ha! Eating for two now simply means making healthier food choices now. If the thought of eating fruits and vegetables several times throughout the day makes your stomach turn, it’s time to find a solution. Perhaps you could prepare the vegetables differently or try a new fruit. Whatever decision you decide, proper nutrition for a developing fetus is necessary as early as five weeks of pregnancy.

  4. Take your supplements. Thank you, God, for the scientists that thought of nutrition in a capsule.  While supplements are extremely important for a healthy pregnancy, they should never be substituted for eating nutritious food daily. Women that are planning to become pregnant in the near future should begin taking multivitamins including Folic Acid. Your GYN can give you recommendations for a great brand and may even provide a few samples for you.

  5. Set a flexible goal for parenting.  Pray about parenthood. Pray about becoming a mother. Tell God what you desire, but accept what his plans are for your life. Talk with your spouse about parenting styles and your hopes for being a mom in the future. Whatever you decide alone or with your spouse, just remember to be flexible. God knows what we need and he provides various opportunities for us to get there. Always keep an open mind with pregnancy and motherhood.

  6. Educate yourself. It’s never too soon to learn about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and parenting. There are various forms of literature from books to magazines and even apps that can prepare and educate you on things that you may or may not already be aware of. Just remember that no pregnancy, labor, delivery, or experience is alike. Literature that you read can only provide you a synopsis of what others have experienced. Talking with close relatives such as a mom, sister or grandmother can be refreshing and helpful in learning about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and motherhood.

  7. Aim for a healthy environment for yourself.  Making the decision to have a baby is easy, but it takes effort and a willingness determination to provide a healthy and safe environment for raising children. We’re purposefully parenting our children when we bring them into the world and that means that we are equipping them for great futures. If you or your spouse have any personal issues such as domestic violence, substance abuse, or mental illness, seek professional help from a doctor, counselor or therapist before pursuing the journey of motherhood.

Whenever you and your spouse decide to embark on the journey of parenthood, I hope that it is everything that you dream and pray for. God always knows what’s best for us if we just trust in his perfect will and timing for our lives. Be Blessed!

All photos used in this post are self-paid and performed by Terri Lane Photography.



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4 thoughts on “I want to have a baby, BUT I’ve got things to do!

    1. Yes, it really does. I think physicians should explain this to women more consistently and frequently when women are in their child bearing years. Preparing our bodies for baby is like the one thing we normally forget to do. Thanks for reading!


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