8 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Extra Cozy

Check your color scheme. 

Lighter colors will definitely provide your room with the illusion of a larger space, but a major snooze-worthy bedroom should consist of colors that make you feel well, sleepy. Think dark, subtle, or all white when choosing a hue for your walls. Dark and subtle colors such as Sherwin Williams “Smokehouse”, provide a palette that represents a cool temperature. This is great for sleep. A room with white walls, white bedding, and white lamp shades will also emit a peaceful and cozy atmosphere. Think about the refined colors of a comfortable hotel suite. Hotel rooms are designed to make the occupant feel comfortable, well rested, and clean. Your bedroom should give you the same vibes or better. When it comes to painting a bedroom I personally like a latex finish rather than a flat finish in any paint color. It gives a pop of sheen to the walls.

Change your window treatments.

You don’t have to hang heavy and dark draperies or curtains to make your bedroom feel cozy. Instead opt for shades that are neutral, but still stylish. If you have blinds or sheer panels as your current window treatment, you can add a neutral shade to them. The layering will not only provide a room darkening effect, but it will also look beautiful with your decor.  Having a neutral tone drape or curtain will always match any shades of a comforter or duvet. It also saves you time and money in the long run.  Window treatments don’t have to cost you a fortune. Shop around in your city. Many stores such as Wayfair, Belks, Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, and even Dollar General sometimes have beautiful window treatments for your budget. You can also have them custom-made at a local seamstress.

Pay attention to your lighting.

Great lighting is essential in pulling together your daily “look”, particularly with your makeup. Bad lighting can ruin the ambiance of a bedroom. If you have a lamp on your nightstand, the energy efficient bulb that you use should be in a wattage range of about 450 lumens which configures to about 450 watts. The higher the number, the brighter the bulb. Home Improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot can assist you with choosing the right bulb for your bedroom.

Choose comfortable bedding.

What’s the use of trying to create a cozy bedroom with uncomfortable bedding? Your bedding should reflect your personal style and it should feel good to your touch. Comforters are sometimes embellished with beads and hard gems. When choosing comfortable bedding that will make you feel as snug as a swaddled baby, think soft and fluffy. If you don’t really care to sleep directly under a comforter, aim for higher threaded cotton sheets with good texture. Cotton sheets are more absorbent in maintaining a comfortable temperature while you’re asleep.  Thread counts should be 200 and above. Pay attention to the construction and origin of the fabric. Egyptian cotton will always have a luxurious feel to the touch, thus making it very comfortable. Whatever sheets that you decide to use, make sure that they are comfortable. Check out these amazing bedding sets that can be found at Target.

Make your room smell good.

A good smelling room can do tremendous things for your mood. Essential oils such as lavender and chamomile can help you relax and unwind for maximum relaxation in your cozy bedroom. Softly scented wall plug-ins can also release pleasant smells that make your bedroom a relaxing oasis. If you have a bathroom in your master bedroom, you will definitely want to make sure that you have some type of room spray or candle available. If you choose to use a candle, make sure that it isn’t placed near any window treatments or anything else that could possibly cause a fire. Whatever candle you choose to use make sure that it is 100% soy, beeswax, coconut wax, or hemp oil. These types of candles burn pure aromas into your room, instead of a black soot that has been known to cause cancer. If you don’t know where to begin in purchasing safer and delightfully smelling candles, try Mrs. Meyer’s brand. They can be purchased at Target. Target often has a larger variety of pure candles and sale on a various brand. Using your cartwheel app will also help with the cost.

Bring on the pillows!

 Pillows are a must have to make your bedroom cozy. You can layer them for style, but also use them for maximum relaxation for your body. You can use decorative pillows that have quotes or different fabrics like fur. Body pillows are very comfortable as well. If you are pregnant, suffer from PMS, or have frequent back spasms, a body pillow may work perfectly for you.

Conceal some of your electronics.

Watching television in bed is relaxing for many people. It’s important to not allow the brightness of the television to steal your sleep. Think of investing in an Armoire to hide your TV. If you like to leave your television on and specifically for the purpose of night lighting, try to invest in a night-light. Night lights are no longer plain like those from our childhood. They have actually evolved into different styles.  Many night lights have stylish decor plates attached to them for adults to use in their bedrooms.  If you like work on your laptop or check emails while sitting in bed, it’s a good idea to dedicate a concealing space for your device when it’s not in use. Woven baskets make great storage for laptops and other small electronics. If you currently have a desktop computer in your bedroom, you may want to think about removing it or concealing it with a modern room divider.

Organize or remove all of your clutter.

A cozy space is a neat space. There is nothing relaxing about a space with piles of bills, jewelry, or makeup. When you’re laying in your bed you should be able to look around your room and feel peace. There are so many options for safely storing your jewelry away in a closet or bedside table. Think of keeping a few things out, like your bridal set or a favorite pair of earrings. You can use a beautiful tray to display them. Bills, makeup, and other knick-knacks can be stored in cube storage shelves or acrylic containers. You can then conceal those containers in a closet or on a closet shelf.









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