” The Baby Dedication”

This weekend was full of food, fun, food, and did I mention food? Yeah, I’m supposed to be watching my weight, but I’ve also decided that moments like these don’t come often, so I must enjoy them when they happen. On Friday, we celebrated with Braylon receiving his blue belt.  He will now be able to join the honors class. With this privilege comes great responsibility. I believe that children should learn responsibility early in life. It doesn’t hurt for them to learn to prepare, organize, and help with the family’s routines. Tiger Rock does a great job in teaching responsibility, courage, self-esteem, community awareness and so much more. It also doesn’t hurt for him to learn how to physically defend himself as well.20170210_171246

Saturday came and went way too fast. I like to wake up before everyone else during the week, but on the weekends I desperately want to lay in my bed past 9, eat breakfast, go back to bed, shower, go back to bed and lay there and watch my DVR shows until I feel like being bothered. That’s just not the life of a mom. I’ll get those days back when they leave for college. I can wait. We passed the day with Braylon’s basketball game, good food, and a movie. I still didn’t watch any of my 47 shows and episodes on my DVR.

I love Sunday for three reasons. The first is that it is my scheduled cheat meal day. Secondly, I really enjoy going to church, and lastly because it’s my husband’s day off from work. This Sunday was especially lovely because we stuck to our belief in a very old, but meaningful tradition. We dedicated our baby girl back to God in the presence of our family and other believers. The practice of baby dedications can be found throughout the bible. You can read a few examples in 1 Samuel 26-28 and Deuteronomy 6: 1-9. Our church was so kind to us by providing a photographer for family pictures. They also gave us a sweet little gift. I’m very thankful for my family that could and did attend. Raising children to serve, fear, and love the Lord is a family task. It isn’t easy, but a baby dedication serves the purpose in stating that we as a family will support the parents in raising this child with good moral character among other positive things. We ended our celebration with lunch and some slices of my mom’s delicious and moist red velvet cake.

How was your weekend? Drop your happenings in the comments below.



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