Birthday “7”

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Wow! Just like that! The weekend, our money, and our “little” boy is gone. Braylon turned 7 years older on February 16. He started the countdown until his big day back sometime in January.  Ah, the rush to grow up! The recent conversation that we had with the big boy was his desire to live at home while he’s in college. We explained that he could, just as long as he paid a bill or two. I told him that he would be responsible for the cable bill and his car insurance and he said that would be cool. Of course, he asked what his sister would have to pay and after hearing his dad and I say, “nothing” he decided that staying home while in college wasn’t what he wanted to do.  He was playfully upset. The reality of this conversation is that this day will come and it will come faster than I want it to. My baby will go to college and I’ll miss him and probably cry and regret not having more children.

Our Saturday consisted of our usual basketball game with us cheering on our boy. I was concerned about him being exhausted and thus very moody because his schedule included two practices immediately after his game. I can assume what you’re probably thinking. They are going to wear him down and are pushing him too much. Absolutely not! We don’t force him, but we do support him. Braylon challenges himself daily. Everything is an “I betcha I can”. If I tell him to read one book, he bets me that he can read two. If I tell him that going to practice is too much for him every day, he’ll bet me that he can finish his homework, get dressed in 5 minutes, and beat me to the car. Ha! He never complains about his little load. Saturday he was determined to prove me wrong. He walked away needing an ice pack, but it took them forever to bring it, so we just moved on.

After his basketball game, he had to hurry over to practice at Tiger Rock. He’s in the honors program now, so that was his second practice for the day. I kept him sustained by giving him a good breakfast, threatening him to drink water, supplying Gatorade, and granola bars. He made it through. I was exhausted and his dad was too. I finished my evening with my good ol’ natural hair wash routine and a movie. Braylon spent the night with his grandma, and Markee worked on a property that he’s completing downtown.

Sunday morning, yes, I love to go and worship! We went to church, but we were oh sooo late! It was my fault. My stomach was churning like homemade ice cream. Ugh! Braylon’s party was planned for later that evening, night-time to be exact. The final decision to have a birthday party was made about 2 weeks ago. I’m over parties! He’s older now and the party places aren’t as fascinating to him anymore. We’ve been blessed to celebrate with a party since his first birthday, so I guess we’ve just run out of options in our little city. I don’t regret any of them. The original plan was the backyard, but that was shot down because of our crazy Alabama weather. It can snow and quickly turn into 78° weather all in one week. The previous party location was shot down when the owner refused to return my call for me to pay her my deposit. I finally said to myself, “wait a minute, I’m not gonna chase you down to pay you. No ma’am”. Of course, she conveniently called the day before the originally scheduled party date to say that she was waiting for me to pay. Gul bye, is what I text her! Yes, she text me. Couldn’t even call me. Some business huh? Finally, we made a decision on Tuesday. We decided we would do a party at the movie theater. I was excited and relieved that was over. Well, guess who came home from school and unraveled those plans? Braylon sure did. Ugh! Back to square one. The pics below will tell you how the evening ended and how our “little” boy turned big. No more birthday PARTIES!


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