The Booster Seat Test!

Yep! I’m that mom! The one that is sometimes overly concerned about my kids’ safety, if they’re having a great day, and all of the what if’s, but I’m not a worrier. There is a difference. Braylon has been asking to NOT ride in his booster for months now, but I just didn’t think he was ready because of his body weight. I remembered one of my friends taking her daughter to a place here in my county and the inspector telling her that she had just barely made the cut. She was 10. On Saturday, I decided to take Braylon. He passed the test, but only for our 3rd-row seats. If we didn’t have that row in our SUV, Braylon would still be in his booster, regardless of his ego. Parent’s let’s take the time to properly install car and booster seats. We don’t have to rush these kids to grow up so fast. Yes, they will say everyone will laugh at them, but it is better for them to laugh at them than to cry for them at a funeral. Some things can’t be prevented and none of us are perfect, but car safety is one easy thing that every parent can cross off of their “adulting to do” list.




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