Mariyah’s Big Day!

Wow! What an amazing year it’s been with my sweet “Grace” baby. I call her that because she is a symbol to me from God that I’m forgiven for all of my sins. I lived in bondage and constant self reminder of my sins for a long time, truly never forgiving myself for my shortcomings, the way that God had already done. I just knew internally that having another child wasn’t going to happen for my husband and I. We didn’t deserve one, as none of us do, but God so graciously sees fit to bless us anyway. Stepping out on faith we tried to conceive and my, my, my look at God! I found out that I was pregnant with Mariyah in the Fall of 2015. We didn’t tell anyone else except our moms that we were expecting. We waited until our 2nd trimester because of our previous loss. It was a cold, rain day, and I had just dropped Braylon off for a visit with my mom. Markee and I were having “date”night. I sensed that I was pregnant and my lady friend was only a day or 3 behind. I stopped at the store and bought an el cheapo pregnancy test. They work just as good as the $10 box. The positive result line on the test window began to turn before the 2 minute wait time was up. My stomach flipped and I cried. I was happy, but terrified of the pain to come with labor. Terrified of another loss. Yikes! Vaginal labor with Braylon destroyed me, so I knew any future children would be delivered by Cesarean only. My doctor also recommended this as well. 

The weather got really nasty outside, so we decided to “Netflix and Chill” for the evening. He made us our special homestyle popcorn and when he sat down on the sofa I told him the good news. His reply was, “you don’t know that for sure”. “Oh, but buddy I do”, was my response. He was shocked, but so happy and then just like that his fears crept in. What if I can’t love him or her like Braylon. That was the end of that talk. With the help of God we were both able to put behind the fears of another miscarriage and all the other possible shortcomings that any parent could experience. We enjoyed the pregnancy and unlike my pregnancy with Braylon, I didn’t turn physically ugly until 2 weeks prior to my delivery. 


My delivery with Mariyah was literally a piece of cake. My labor was a painful nightmare. I was banking on going in on my scheduled Cesarean date. Nope, not how it went at all. I went into labor on Saturday, May 28 after aching all day on the 27th. On Sunday morning, May 29th I knew something wasn’t right. The on-call OB was insisting that I stay home until my contractions were closer. I live 1 hour from my hospital, so I knew that she couldn’t and wouldn’t tell me when to leave home. My husband got up and starting packing bags. I starting polishing my toes. Yep! I was reaching down the best that I could in between the weak contractions. I wasn’t going to lay up in the hospital with dry, cracked feet, and no nail polish too. I finished in the car, where I spilled it all over the floor. We drove the rest of the way with the windows cracked for proper ventilation. When we arrived at the hospital they admitted me into L&D. I was there for about 3 hours and they told me to go home and rest. My labor wasn’t progressing fast enough for them. 

My husband said, “we are not’ going all the way home only to turn around and drive right back”, so we went to my mom’s house instead. This gave my mother in law a chance to make it to town. While in active labor at my mom’s house I felt the need to poop, tinkle, and vomit literally within seconds of each other.  My aunt who is a licensed RN came to assist and she insisted that I do not sit on the toilet for too long. She didn’t want me to deliver in the toilet like she had experienced delivering her niece years prior to my delivery. It can happen ladies! While laying in the bed hurting so violently bad, I heard a soft click sound and felt warm gushes of liquid. My water had just broken. It was time to go to the hospital. When I arrived they immediately sent me to L&D and began to prep me for my surgery. My delivery team was AMAZING! I didn’t feel anything. That was my biggest fear. My mom assured me that they would knock me unconscious quickly if I did. With my husband above my head and my Anesthesiologist checking on my well-being every few minutes, we welcomed Mariayh Michelle into our lives at 4:48 p.m. She was a round face 7lbs 15oz and 19.5 inches long baby. The first thing that we all noticed was her cheeks. She looked just like her ultrasound pictures. So sweet!

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This past week we celebrated her birthday and her life. Her birthday was on Monday which was also Memorial Day this year, so we had BBQ and cake at home.

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The following Saturday we had a small house party with family. She began to walk without any assistance the night before her party, so she showed off her new skills during the gift opening at her party. Of course, her family cheered her on and she danced and bounced a little harder. I want to give a very special thanks to my mom for the delicious and sparkly edible party favors, my aunt Odessa for coming in and going straight to work in the kitchen, my husband’s cousin Shon for the wonderful pictures, fresh floral arrangements, and much more. Thanks to all of our family for driving long and short distances to spend this special day with us. We love you all!



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