Sweet Dreams Baby: 8 Bedtime Stories for Babies and Toddlers

Bedtime is a big deal in our home. Parents deserve a little time each night to unwind alone and our precious children need rest, to be renewed for the next day of busy fun. Reading any book to your little one each night is a good way to help them learn and unwind, but reading a bedtime story is particularly a special way to send them to dreamland quickly and peacefully.

These 8 books that focus on love, cuddles, and bedtime are sure to make you or your little one sleepy.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep, by Maryann Cusimano Love

This bedtime story has animals that are encouraged to sleep a restful sleep and to rise and conquer the day refreshed and happy.Sleep, Baby Sleep

Lull-a-bye, Little Oneby Dianne Ochiltree

This sweet bedtime story has illustrations of human characters and takes baby along on a relaxing bedtime routine. From play time to bath time….this story is sure to unwind even a very active little one.

Little Owls Night, by Divya Srinivasan

This book has the most beautiful pictures that any bedtime story could offer. Little Owl is an interesting character that wakes to see his friends adventures during the day….a pretty interesting, but peaceful read for your sleepy adventurer. Little Owls Night

Good Night, Gorilla, by Peggy Rathmann

What bedtime story could be cuter than this! The sleepy time story allows you to introduce animals to your little one and encourage a sweet slumber. While there are not many words in the story, it still tells a story that will help your child relax and unwind. The zookeeper is also in need of a good night rest!Good Night, Gorillia

Meet Me at The Moon, Gianna Marino

This story may not be designed as a bedtime story, but it gives reassurance to a sleepy child— that mom or dad will always be there to comfort them and guide them, even at bedtime. Mama and baby elephant are two sweet characters surrounded by other animal families.Meet Me at the Moon

Guess How Much I Love You, Sam McBratney

I think that what’s most sweet about this story is that it gives dad’s a chance to be celebrated for comforting their toddlers. Little Nut Brown Hare proves to his dad just how much he loves him, and isn’t that what all of our little ones enjoy showing us? Cuddle up, and enjoy this read. Guess How Much I Love You

Hush, Little Baby, Sylvia Long

It’s definitely hard to pass up on an adorably classic lullaby that we all have sung to our baby at least once. Having it as a storybook will make it even more memorable.

Baby’s First Lullabies,  A collection of Lullabies

This book is a collection of familiar lullabies such as Brahms Lullaby, All The Pretty Horses, and much more. A CD is included for you to use in a nursery or on a relaxing car ride. Baby's First Lullabies and CD

What are some of your favorite bedtime stories for babies and toddlers? Share them with other readers in the comments below.



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