Parenting While Sick! 5 Tips to Help You When You Are Feeling Under The Weather

Have you ever been so sick that you’re pooping out of one end and vomiting your heart out of the other? Yeah, me either! If you’re a parent, specifically a mom, well you know that being sick doesn’t equal a sick day. So sad! This isn’t to shame you wonderful dads, but moms for whatever reasons still have to keep moving. I don’t advise this, but let’s keep it real, we always do!

Being sick makes you feel horrible and being a mom means that you have to care for yourself and your family while battling whatever virus or germ that you have. If you are sick while reading this, hopefully, you can find some relief from these small, but powerful suggestions that I have. Also, never ever be afraid to just call your mom, aunt, or best friend. God knows I’ve had to do it a few times and yep, I’m married! Here’s a little advice to use as the sick momma the next time that you feel horrible.

  1. You still have to feed your baby or children…….Right? Even if you are nursing a baby, doctors many times will insist that you continue to nurse your baby because the milk will keep them healthy and from becoming ill. pexels-photo-265996Sadly, momma your body is weak, this is not the time for you to burn in the kitchen. Order out, even if it’s a greasy pizza and you prefer everything homemade and carb free. Also, check to see if your city offers services such as Waitr. They will deliver your meal to your home for a small fee. That fee is actually cheaper than driving your own car. If those two options just don’t work, you can likely pick up a frozen meal or cans of soup from your pharmacy without leaving your car.

  2. Yes, you read the previous statement correct! Sometimes sick momma’s have to pick up their own prescriptions from the pharmacy. Most pharmacies will allow you to request other items at the store during your drive-thru pick up. Just explain to them that you are too weak to come inside and they will extend this service to you. This is a courtesy for ill customers picking up their own prescriptions. Simply ask them to add in a few cans of soup, tissue, etc. any small items that you will need immediately, but can’t physically purchase inside of the store. Please do not abuse the courtesy.medicine-thermometer-tablets-pills

  3. The kids are running and asking you to do a million things……listen if you have the privilege of having an older child, this is that one time where you have to trust that they have listened to you and put their older sibling title to good use. Allow them to assist. No it will not be perfect and the house will be a mess, but it’s okay mom. When you’re well you can make your home sparkle once again. This is also the perfect time to allow your children to binge watch all the cartoons you allow on Netflix or On Demand. If you’re like me and still need to keep an eye on them, have those little sweethearts make a fort or pallet on the floor in your room and demand they do not move unless they have to potty. Allow them to binge on snacks and laugh as loud as they want to. No, you won’t have quiet rest, but at least you can keep an eye on them while you nod on and off.

  4. Offer to pay for dinner for a family member with the guarantee that they take your children as well. Ask a grandparent or a trusted friend to come and stay until you feel better.

  5. Make your husband take a day off from work. Yes, he’s perfectly fine, but you are weak. Have your hubby take the day off and care for the children, the home, the meals, and you should use this as an opportunity to just go and disappear under your blanket. Many times we like to feel as if we have it all together and most of the times we probably do. However, if you are in a relationship, you’re not alone. You should never feel obligated to do it all. Sometimes we only need to ask for help and men will willingly show us that they can handle the load that we carry. Yes, it will probably look like a train wreck, but that too shall pass.

While this advice may seem sarcastic and possibly funny, it’s real advice. Momma, we know you are strong, but taking care of yourself is just as important when you are well or ill. You are a priority and don’t allow the world to make you feel guilty for adding self-care to your to-do list. Get well soon mommas, so that you can get back to being amazingly awesome!




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