14 Days of Cool and Calm Parenting

The goal of 14 Days of Cool & Calm Parenting is to reset our parenting purposes without yelling, sarcasm, or losing our cool. Being a parent is very hard, providing for our children is a daily job, and sometimes we may find ourselves on a fast course of the daily humdrum of life. Sometimes we unintentionally forget to appreciate the time that we have with our children. It doesn’t matter if you work in or outside of your home, time with our children is not promised to us. Let’s reset and refocus on raising our next generation of leaders and lovers. Let’s do it together.

Life With Carmen

Day 1.  Dedicate 30 mins of playtime with your child. If you have older children/preteens/teens, spend time doing something that they enjoy. Do your best to unplug from your personal electronic devices.

Day 2.  Read a devotional, biblical scripture, story, or watch a motivational video together. YouTube has tons of videos that you can find to inspire your child in whatever area of life they are passionate about. It can be a makeup tutorial or Buzzfeed Food Video.

Day 3.  Eat a meal together without your electronic devices or television.

Day 4.  Intentionally hug your child 3 times or more today.

Day 5. Watch your child’s favorite show(s) with them. Try to actually pay attention and look interested.

Day 6.  Intentionally kiss your child 3 times or more today. Teens may resist but try anyway.

Day 7. Make today a family movie night or game night. Unplug from your cell phones.

Day 8.  Look at family pictures together. Tell stories about them as babies or life before their arrival.



Day 9. Ask your child about his/her goals, dreams, or what motivates them.

Day 10. Intentionally hug your child 3 times or more today.

Day 11.  Tell your child how much they mean to you and how special they are.

Day 12.  Talk to your child about their friends. Ask them why they are friends. Ask them how their day was or is going?

Day 13.  Intentionally kiss your child 3 times or more today.

Day 14.  Do something that is absolutely fun with your child. If you’re on a budget, do something free. Watch the YouTube “try not to laugh challenges” for fun. Make a meal together or plan a vacation for the near future.

Did you enjoy this challenge? If so, be sure to share it with a friend or family member.






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