Curly Kids Multitextrue Hair Care

Wearing your hair in your natural texture not only means having the right products to achieve a beautiful style, but it’s also a definite necessity for maintaining healthy hair that continues to grow. I have a few staples that make my regimen complete, but when it comes to my little girl well, we’re still trying to find the right products for her texture and her sensitive skin. Whatever product I try it will always be as close to natural for the ingredients as possible. I specifically like to stick with paraben free, mineral oil free, alcohol-free, wheat free, and protein free.

Today’s product review is for the “Curly Kids Hair Care” products. We purchased and used the shampoo, deep conditioner, curly creme, and curly custard. The curly creme is a moisturizer and the curly custard is used a sort of like a gel to hold the style in place.  To finish her style we used one of our favorite hair oils. Here is a video of our results using the “Curly Kids Hair Care” products.


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