No More Wash Day Drama for Toddlers and Kids

Natural Hair Kids
Curly Natural Hair
Air drying our finished style

When I watched this parenting life hack on one of my go-to, natural hair, YouTubers channel, I knew that I had to try it on my little girl’s hair. You see wash day for us is a pretty big deal, as it is for most naturalistas. It takes precious time to sort through curls and tangles without ripping out already fragile strands.

This parenting hack actually helped me to cleanse my one-year-old daughter’s scalp very thoroughly and detangle her curls without the fuss. If you’re a parent to a little one that hates getting their hair shampooed I recommend that you try out this method. I do suggest that you make sure that you have an extra towel specifically for your floors. This will help you catch the extra water that will drip from your little one’s wet hair. Also, if you try this method make sure that you use a non-drying tear-free shampoo to avoid any potential eye injuries.



Do you have any wash day hacks that you use for your little one? Share them in the comments below!


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