Should you find out the sex of your baby?

When you announce that you are pregnant you should probably expect a flood of advice from your family and friends especially if they have children. Adding to their lists of advice may also include everyone’s hopes for the gender of your unborn baby. It’s easier for parents expecting their first child because everyone knows that you’re only getting the choice of a boy or girl.

However, when it’s your second or third child people began to put emphasis on what the sex of the baby should be. If you already have a boy they automatically assume that the second born should be a girl. If you have two girls they rightly assume that the third baby should be a boy. I wonder if they ever think that you may want all boys, girls, or just a healthy baby? It’s your pregnancy and your choice.

Should you find out the sex of your baby_

4 Reasons to find out your baby’s sex.

1.  Baby Shower / Knowing the sex of the baby can make planning a baby shower a breeze. Deciding on a theme for the shower is fun and knowing the gender of your baby makes it much easier for your host(s). It is becoming more popular to have a baby shower that isn’t focused on gender, but rather on having a great time celebrating the parents to be. People are now designing showers based on the season, favorite children’s books, and color schemes.

2.  The Nursery / If you plan on having a gender-specific nursery for your baby it would benefit you to find out the sex of your unborn baby. Decorating will be a breeze during your nesting period leaving you with more options for colors, patterns, and decor.

3.  Shopping for Clothes Buying clothes for your unborn baby will be so sweet and less complicated. It’s always okay to buy clothes that are gender neutral, but you will definitely need to hold on to your receipts. Most children’s lines offer some really adorable gender neutral onesies, shoes, diaper bags and outerwear for babies.

4.  Baby Names / When you decide on a name for your baby prior to delivery you’re able to address your little boy or girl as a person with an identity.  It’s an indescribable feeling.

should you find out the sex of your baby

4 Reasons to not find out your baby’s sex.

1.  Old School Fun / Parents have not always been able to have the luxury of finding out the gender of their unborn baby. The element of surprise is amazing for the entire family and close friends. The delivery room will be exciting as the doctor and nurses will be just as thrilled for you to find out what they already know.

2.  No chance for an ultrasound error / 4D ultrasound is amazing for parents to be to have an early glimpse at their sweet baby. You should also keep in mind that even 4D ultrasounds can give you a false result. Depending on the position of your baby during the scan or how patient your sonographer is during your scan, may yield an incorrect gender reveal.

3.  It prevents disappointment / If you are a parent of two boys or girls or naturally just have a desire for a boy or girl as your next child, finding out the gender before birth can cause the remainder of your pregnancy to be a downer rather than an exciting and peaceful pregnancy. Instead of focusing on the gender of the baby and it possibly not being what you hoped for, consider the blessing of being able to carry and birth a healthy baby. So many men and women would give so much to trade places with you.

4.  Less Stress / Not knowing the sex of your unborn baby girl eliminates the likelihood of family and friends sharing their negative experiences with having a boy or girl. With the expectation of little girls people like to warn dads about how much they’ll have to spend on fancy frills, the future of them dating, and the sass that they have. The same goes for parents expecting little boys. The judgment of how rough they are, or how hard it is to potty train them is said so often to expecting parents. Not knowing the sex of your unborn baby prevents people from instilling fear in you or judgment on your unborn baby’s behavior.

Whatever you decide make sure that it’s your decision. If you decide to find out the gender be thankful for whatever God blesses you with. If you decide to wait to find out the sex of your baby, be patient and don’t allow anyone to pressure you to find out.


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