HBO’s Insecure and Real Life Consequences

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I was supposed to share my mommy brain thoughts with you all last week after watching the episode of “High Like” on HBO’s hit series Insecure. This show has some seriously hilarious moments followed by some tragic situations that most black women can relate to in real life. In my opinion, this show is written for adult women who are not still depending on mom and dad to fund their lifestyle. hbo insecureWhy? Only because there are some terribly reckless decisions made by some of the characters. Momma and daddy shouldn’t be held responsible for those choices and should not have to bail you out if you decide to act out these scenes in real life. The writers are spot on with career and relationship woes and some of the difficulties of being black in corporate America. However, I hate that series writers always seem to make the characters of hit “sisterhood” shows look reckless with their bodies and intentions. Do you all remember the hit show “Girlfriends”? This was the hit show during my college days.

Some of you are not going to like what I’m about to say, but truth be told if you have a young impressionable woman in your life that raves about “Insecure” as one of her favorite shows you may want to talk to her about the reality of bed-hopping and the emotional scars that it will leave on her soul and conscious. As a mom, I can’t help that I’m always concerned about us raising our children with care and consideration. We will have to answer to God one day, so we may as well do our best.

These characters are fictional and the writers continually fail to provide a PSA before or after each episode. The multiple sexcapades and pill abuse during the Coachella scene is not the real-life behavior of every single black woman.

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Will high school and college-age women think that this is how their lives should be? Yes, they shouldn’t be that naive. However, you and I both know that some young women can be very impressionable when it comes to relationships, decisions, and choices. I get it, I made some crazy decisions when I was younger as well, but social media has the culture of our younger generation in overdrive and most of us didn’t have to live through that stress while we were in high school or college.

Fast forward to the current episode “Ready Like” we now see that Lawerence has contracted an STD, but didn’t we see this coming all along? No one can keep banging over and over with multiple partners unprotected. His choices caught up with him and that is real life. It’s the real-life consequences that we need to share with our children both high school and college age. Don’t worry about being embarrassed for having to have the “talk” again. Instead be thankful that you now have a resource that doesn’t require you to make up some crazy scenario about someone you know that lived a promiscuous life and how it caught up with them in the long run. Watch the show with them and discuss openly without judgment and scrutiny. We should always want our children to hear the truth of the consequences when we have the opportunity to share.


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