What People Should Really Learn From The Alleged Benny Harlem Hair Scheme

It’s really frustrating and sad when I see people hoodwinked by scammers of any kind. Social media has made it so much easier for people to sell phony products with inflated positive reviews. Bloggers and Influencers are sometimes paid a nice sum of money to entice you to buy products that are made from trash ingredients. Many times they have never actually used the product or service. Sad! According to data compiled in 2017 from consumer reports, the Federal Trade Commission reports that the majority of people that fall victim to financial scams are in their 20’s. That means that yours and my millennial age cousins are being scammed. I blame phony social media influencers and self-made gurus with no real life skills. I’m not mad at their hustle. They have learned how to advertise on free platforms and it’s not their fault that people don’t take the time to read or research. I believe the saddest alleged scam that I’ve seen this year is by an Instagram Male Model that goes by the name Benny Harlem.


I have to admit that I was skeptical the very first time that I saw his photos on Instagram. Benny has a unique hairstyle that is very impressive. His daughter and wife’s hair appear to be as equally as long as his.  Their photos are staged very elaborately by photographers and serve as a great source of entertainment. I appreciated Benny’s original platform which was to promote self-confidence, pride, and beauty among black people. The world has done such a careful job in trying to remind black people that full lips, kinky hair, and dark skin are something to be embarrassed about having. That’s why it is so disappointing to learn that Benny has allegedly scammed so many of his followers turned customers by selling phony hair products for a whopping $300. scamsSome of the customers have taken to report these counterfeit products as being only olive oil and maple syrup in bottles.

I’m a firm believer that anyone’s hair can grow incredibly long with patience and care, but let’s be honest. Hair growth is a result of genetics, hormones, diet, your overall health, and lastly great products. Those products do not have to cost you a lot of money. There is no product on the market for $100 or more that will give you a 100% guarantee for hair growth. In fact, you can achieve long and luxurious hair with drugstore products. I’ve been using them for years and my hair has thrived with and without the use of chemicals in my hair. I do however suggest that you care for your hair as close to its natural condition as you possibly can.

This allegedly elaborate hair scam is a prime example of why we have to stop falling victim to every product or “way of living” that is displayed on the internet. There is no product on the market for $100 or more that will give you a 100% guarantee for hair growth. (1)

This alleged hair scam is no different from the quick weight loss shakes that are literally only liquid vitamins, probiotics, and green or mint teas. All of these products can be purchased at any local whole food store without the hefty price tags. The biggest scam behind the teas is the myth that you don’t have to change your eating habits or move your body. Your favorite Instagram models are not eating chicken wings and cake and then drinking the shakes to erase the bulge and bloating. These ladies are selling you a product with a fictitious caption. It’s called advertisement. They are working out and eating balanced meals to maintain their physiques and convincing you that you can gorge out, skip several workouts, and still keep a slim waist. Unless you are genetically predisposed to having a small frame or waistline, you will have to change your eating habits and work out.


Let’s talk about waist trainers. I can’t believe that these products are still being sold in high demand for such a hefty price tag. Several women have purchased these products only to realize that the discomfort isn’t worth the time or money. Waist trainers are designed to well, shrink your waist. It’s not a new method of weight loss, but it has become a trend in the last 4-5 years. I will never forget a 20/20 special that I watched a few years ago that explained the severity of “waist training“. What actually happens is that you are so conformed inside of this material, eating a regular meal becomes uncomfortable. You instantly begin to drink more water because the trainer makes you sweat and you’ve convinced yourself that you want to be leaner and healthier. You begin walking about 2 -3 days a week to speed up your weight loss, drinking more water, and eating smaller meals. After a few weeks of doing these 3 things you decide to measure your waist and you’ve discovered that your waist is inches smaller and you feel amazing. Why on earth would you give the waist trainer the credit for your slimmer waist? No, you did that! Your simple life changes are what attributed to your slimmer waist. Some of the celebrities that you desperately want to look like have done one of two things to achieve the looks that they are trying to sell to you. They have either had a plastic surgery that you will never know about or they made those 3 lifestyle changes that I suggest that you can make for FREE! We have to be smart and stop falling victim to the millions of scams that are on the internet. Take your time to research and I promise that you won’t ever be disappointed.


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