God Goes Ahead Of Us: Holy Socks And All

This post is definitely about socks, but don’t turn away just yet. I want to share with you something that I know to be true for my needs and will help you with many of yours even when you don’t ask for help. I think I’ve told you all that I really despise doing laundry. It’s the tedious folding and putting away that actually bothers me. I try not to complain about it much, but I will make a few jokes here or there about this never-ending saga.

 On Saturday I was pairing my son’s socks in the laundry pile. Three pairs of his socks had holes in them, so in my mind, I thought that I would just put them in my son’s sock drawer and he could just walk around the house in those when he’s lounging. My husband and I have told him repeatedly wear clean socks and underwear every single time you leave the house, but we all know how young boys sometimes do what they like to do and not what you tell them to do.

mother and son

I dropped those hole-filled socks into the laundry basket. I called my son into the room to gather his laundry to put away. Yes, I make him put his laundry away. He will have to do this on his own one day, so why not begin now? Just as I was about to tell him to get those socks out of the basket with the familiar warning of not wearing them to school or outside of this house, a still small voice in my thoughts spoke to me. The voice said, “nope, don’t worry about it”, so I threw them away.

On Monday, while scrolling through Facebook I noticed that my son’s teacher uploaded pics of the activity that they were working on for the day. They were working on measurement in Math and had their shoes off. feetThey each had little rulers and I immediately panicked. Then I breathed a sigh of relief because I remembered that small voice telling me to throw those hole-filled socks away. What if my son had worn those hole-filled socks to school on this Monday? Chances are he would have felt ashamed, been teased, or embarrassed. Let’s be honest kids can be cruel to each other sometimes. I shouted “thank you” to God because it was the holy spirit that told me to trash those pairs of socks on Saturday. God was 2 days ahead of me. He knew the lesson that my son was going to have on Monday and chances are he would’ve picked those comfy, cool, and hole-filled socks to wear to school. God is amazing you guys! Stop believing that “something told you to do this or that” when things work out in your favor or you realize that you should have done something. That small voice is the holy spirit. He speaks to those that are willing to listen. Thank you, Jesus, for leaving him to help us! God is always, always a million miles ahead of our needs and all that we have to do is trust and believe that. When we have a need or even sometimes a want all that we have to do is request it to God and be patient. If it is in his will and not for our ill selfish gain, he will answer. Faith is what it takes from you when you can’t actually control the outcome. Here are a few scriptures for you to meditate over that proves that God is always ahead of us and even with something as small as hole-filled socks. What are your unselfish needs today? Send them up to God!

 The Lord your God who goes before you will fight for you, just as you saw Him do for you in Egypt. Deuteronomy 1:30

You have encircled me; You have placed Your hand on me. Psalms 139:5

The Lord is the One who will go before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid or discouraged. Deuteronomy 31:8

I will go before you and level the uneven places; I will shatter the bronze doors and cut the iron bars in two. Isaiah 45:2


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