20 Christmas Traditions to Begin With Your Family This Year

My husband and I try to make Christmas a memorable time for our children. We have great memories from our childhood Christmas’s not because of what was under our Christmas tree, but because of the memories that we made with our families. I want to share some of our new and old traditions with you today!  

  • Write out a Christmas wish list or a list of all of the things that you are thankful for this year. We constantly teach our son that Christmas is about Jesus Christ and being a blessing to others in the same ways that we have been blessed. 
  • Attend a worship service with your family. After all, the real reason behind the season of Christmas is Jesus Christ. We always attend a special worship service that reflects the love of Jesus through music or a play. Our church serves free cups of hot tea, chocolate, and coffee.
  • We enjoy going to our County’s Christmas parade every year. It’s always cold, so we make sure to bring something warm to drink and extra blankets to stay warm.
  • There are so many children in our County that will not have the same Christmas as my children. We always make sure to pull a name of a child from an Angel Tree in our local mall or from our church. Children need to see their parents giving back. It encourages them to do the same.
  • We bake Christmas cookies together as a family. The kids love to help and of course, we let them eat as many as they want on that day.
  • We listen to Motown Christmas while decorating the Christmas tree. My husband mostly watches my son and I decorate, but he’s always ready to place the tree topper on and go up and down the attic steps for more decorations as many times as we need him to. The toddler enjoys tangling up the lights and rolling the ornaments on the floor.
  • We take family pictures in our Christmas pajamas every year. One year we even used them as our Christmas card. 
  • We leave milk and cookies out for Santa. 
  • We mail out Christmas Cards that include a Happy New Year greeting.
  • We ride the Christmas train in every mall that we visit.
  • We watch a Christmas movie or cartoon every day.
  • We listen to Christmas music in the car.
  • We take a slow drive through various neighborhoods in our city to look at Christmas lights.
  • We enjoy the light festival in our city. 
  • We read Christmas books at home and online.
  • On Christmas morning we eat a huge breakfast.
  • The kids and I record ourselves singing Christmas song and send them to my husband or mom for fun.
  • We sing Happy Birthday to Jesus when we cut our cake on Christmas Day.
  • On Christmas day we make Cafe Du Monde Beignets from the mix that we purchase from World Market


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