Words of Wisdom and Love: The Mother’s Day Edition

the-mommy-365-black-momSome of the best advice that I’ve ever been given has come from the beautiful and kind women in my life.  I consider myself to be a pretty strong and confident woman, but sometimes I need reassurance, prayers, and motivation about many things in my life from marriage to motherhood to those really bad moments of my life and emotions where I know I’m sitting down in the valley. I guess that makes me pretty normal huh? I’m so very thankful to still be able to have a daily talk with my mom and I promise you that I don’t take any of it for granted. Today I want to share my most memorable moments of wisdom and love through words from a few important women in my life. Untitled designLet’s begin with my grandmothers. I’m blessed to still have my mother’s mom, my grandmother who has always been very charismatic and strong-willed. When I was pregnant with my son, I had to listen to someone constantly remind me of how painful childbirth is and how they felt as if they were dying with every contraction. I already knew that anyway and never ever asked that person how childbirth felt. When I shared this with my sweet grandmother she reminded me to pay it no attention at all. She assured me that “if having a baby was that unbearable we would all stop having sex.” I remember laughing so hard and feeling so relieved. My grandmother explained that she had all 7 of her children without any epidurals and here she was today still breathing and happy. My dad’s mom, may she rest in heaven was so funny and loving towards my brother and me. I didn’t have a chance to spend a lot of time with her, but I will never forget how she made me feel when I was with her. I felt so much love. The best advice that I was ever given from her was to “take care of yourself, fix your hair, make yourself look nice and presentable for yourself and not for anyone else.” Anyone that knew my grandmother should remember that she cared about her appearance and always wanted to look feminine. She was beautiful!FB_IMG_1557528099784-01.jpeg My former colleague turned friend was always my reminder to laugh at work and not take everything so serious. She has become my phone call/text prayer partner and I can trust her to keep it real with me. My most memorable words from her are her reminders to me of just how much God actually loves me, forgives me, and knows me. I can be really hard on myself and my shortcomings sometimes and it has driven me to some really low points in my life mentally. She saw those low moments through my smiles at work and would pray with me and remind me to cry out to God and begin a new slate for myself every single day. IMG_8459My mother-in-law has definitely become my mother-in-love. No, it’s not perfect, but my love for my husband and my children make it even easier to love her. Grace is a beautiful thing when you allow it to reign in your life. I enjoy laughing with her and watching her spoil her grandchildren with snacks and hugs. A funny and memorable word of advice that I will always remember and mostly because she tells my husband and me this all of the time, “I don’t mind doing time if someone messes with a grandchild of mine!” I holler laughing all the time because I know she’s telling the truth and I would gladly sit in a cell with her over my babies.20170212_162744-01.jpeg With all of the words that I could ever put in this blog it still would not give me the ability to express my love, appreciate, and thankfulness for my very own mom. Gosh, y’all my mom is the BEST mom that God could have created for me. She is always a phone call away, always ready to drop something and run for us, and just gives the best darn love that a daughter needs. We talk almost every single day and we have always been close. She was has helped me during my pregnancies, missed work for my sick days, prayed for me, and supports every idea that I have even when it is unconventional. She loves me and I will always remember some many nuggets of wisdom that she has left in my soul. The one that I love and use the most in this phase of my life is that “you have the right to change my mind anytime that you want to.” This is so simple, but important because in life people will try to hold you to a certain standard, their standards, standards that God would never expect to overcome without the grace of Jesus. Nope, not me, I set my own standards and I have a right to recreate it for myself until God says otherwise. Anyone that has a problem with that can take it up with my momma, but they don’t want that fight! FB_IMG_1557528491336.jpgI hope that you are inspired to remember or write down your owns words of wisdom and love from the important women in your life. Enjoy your mom, grandmom, aunts, or children. A special hug and prayer to all of you that have a mom in heaven. Have a Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!




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